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Cemetery flowers after the ice storm
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Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch, Leiden 1606–1669 Amsterdam)
Aristotle with a Bust of Homer
Oil on canvas
143.5 x 136.5 cm
In this imaginary portrait of Aristotle, the Greek philosopher rests his hand reflectively on a bust of Homer, the epic poet of an earlier age. A medallion depicting Alexander the Great, whom Aristotle tutored, hangs from the gold chain. This extravagant decoration must be an award for service and recalls the gold chains that princely patrons gave to Titian, Rubens, and Van Dyck. It is generally supposed that Aristotle is contemplating the worth of worldly success as opposed to spiritual values. The gestures of the hands, accentuated by the cascading sleeves, and the shadows playing over Aristotle’s brow and eyes support this interpretation.

Penny street art from Amsterdam:

"Obsessions make my life worse and my work better"
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Statue in Nieuwe Kerk, Delft, Netherlands

Sculpture by Kate Macdowell


the only domestic instinct my parents have managed to pass on to me is the tendency to hoard multiple plastic bags in another plastic bag despite the fact that I will probably never need this many plastic bags in my adult life

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